Mares fears she's fading into obscurity.  Kaps consults his heroes.

Mares tries out a next level acting technique.  Kaps tries a more hands on approach.

Mares thinks she's just one gestation cycle away from success. Kaps tries to pop her bubble.

Mares needs new friends. Kaps explains trench warfare.  A montage ensues!

Kaps is afraid he fucked his whole life up.  Mares agrees.

Mares gets really bummed. Kaps offers some perspective.

Is it possible for Mares to stay over, stay up late, AND go to sleep?

Mares discovers a solution to her financial woes. Kaps tries to get in on the action, but they work it out.

In the season one finale, we spend an afternoon with Mares & Kaps in the 1890's. How sad, how lovely, how brief.